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Project Updates!


White Park’s Monkey Around Playground will be inclusive

and accessible to all

citizens of the Granite State

and individuals visiting the 603.

Before too long, following months of social isolation caused by Covid-19, Monkey Around  will be full of children playing and families enjoying Concord’s destination community park. Yet as the playground currently exists not everyone has the chance to enjoy it. Given the age and condition of the current , and the lack of full accessibility for all community members, a new, inclusive is moving forward! We look forward to a day when, just as was done twenty-six years ago, a new generation of children, caregivers, and community leaders can join together and begin planning the community build.Your support is needed!  


People with disabilities and their family members are involved at every stage of the community outreach, playground design, fundraising, and building. Already, there have been multiple efforts to conduct outreach and engage individuals. A presentation was recently conducted at Community Bridges to gain support of the local Area Agency and discuss strategies for collaboration and input. Community Bridges is identifying resources to contribute. Outreach is a key element of success and will be conducted through formal meetings with the community, local schools, and key groups, social media, and invitations for participation.

White Park’s Monkey Around Playground will be inclusive and accessible to all citizens of the Granites State and individuals visiting the 603. An inclusive and accessible playground will promote community building, acceptance of differences, and social and recreation opportunities for children with and without disabilities and their families. It will create a level playing field for the purpose of play, relaxation, and fun. As a destination available to everyone, children and their families will be able to visit White Park in the for picnics, birthday parties, and every day enjoyment. Additionally, the swimming pool and newly built skate house are accessible and welcoming. A logical next step is ensuring the playground is accessible to everyone.

Every year, thousands of people visit White Park and will be impacted by the welcoming and supportive community.


Friends of White Park was established in 1982 to help support White Park and fund events over the years.  In 1994, Friends of White Park, along with many residents and businesses, raised funds for a new, destination playground for the Park -- the Monkey Around Playground.  During the summer of 1994, hundreds of volunteers came together to build the playground.  The playground has been well-loved by kids and parents from across the City for twenty years, but, as you are aware, the structure is reaching the end of its life.  


Friends of White Park has been working with David Gill, Director of Parks and Recreation, to plan for a new playground.  We understand that funds for a new playground have been tentatively allocated for a replacement playground in 2018, conditioned on a 50-50 match from the Friends of White Park.  We are organized as a 501(c)(3), and have registered as a non-profit, charitable corporation with the State of New Hampshire.  

Monkey Around in the News

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 8.21.14 AM.png

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities awards FOWP a Smile Award for its commitment to developing a new playground that is fully accessible to children with disabilities.

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