Flamingo Flocking

Thank you for all of your support this flocking season. It was hugely popular; we still have a few more rounds of flocking to do!

The weather is getting a bit too chilly for our pink feathered friends and we are no longer taking flocking orders for this season.  However, we will gladly take general donations, or you can


for next season!

(As the next flocking season approaches, we will reach out to you to confirm all addresses are still correct.)

What is flocking?

A flamingo flocking fundraiser involves someone paying to have a number of pink flamingos put in another family's yard. After the pink flamingos have been placed, it is described as having been flocked. A note is left explaining that the person has been selected by someone to be “flocked” for a good cause. The flock will stay in the yard for a few days before moving on to their next yard. As a participant, you don't need to do a thing; the Flocking Crew does all the work!

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate by flocking their friends and family. However, flocked yards need to be within the city of Concord. 

When do the flockings take place?

The Flocking Crew plans to begin flocking sometime mid/late-September. Depending on how many flocking requests are made, they could continue into mid/late October.

I'm ready to flock my friends and family!

We are excited you are ready to flock, however the ground is getting a bit too chilly for our pink feathered friends. We are no longer taking flocking orders for the season. However, you can still make a general donation to our great cause or even LOCK YOUR FLOCK for the next flocking season.  All flocking orders received  on 10/27 or later will get put first on the list for next year's flockings.  As the date approaches, we will contact you to confirmt the addresses are still correct. You can LOCK YOUR FLOCKS here.

I've been flocked...
Now what?

Congratulations! Someone you know thought your yard could use some colorful visitors all for a great cause.  You don't need to do anything! The flock usually leaves within 3-4 days. 

Join in the fun and LOCK YOUR FLOCK for the next flocking season. (We'd love to flock more this season, but we still have a few more rounds to do and our pink feathered friends are getting a bit chilly.) You can make a general doantion or LOCK YOUR FLOCK here.

Be sure to share some photos of your yard visitors on the Friends of White Park Facebook page.

If for some reason you need your flock to fly away sooner, please reach out to the Friends of White Park; we will happily come and shoo them away. FriendsofWhitePark@gmail.com


Can I help flock?

We would love to have you on the Flocking Crew.  Please email us at FriendsofWhitePark@gmail.com

What if someone I want to flock is planning a weekend getaway? I want to make sure they are home to enjoy it.

If there are specific dates that you know they will be away, you can add that information to the registration form under the Notes/Comments section. 

Can I be flocked more than once?

You sure can!

How much is a flocking?

A single flocking is $20. However, you have the option to do multiple flockings for additional savings! You can register and pay for your flockings here.

Can I make a general doantion instead of flocking someone?

Of course! There is an option for a general donation on the registration form.  here

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